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Главная » 2011 » Март » 4 » 326 inmates have been pardoned up to now according to the Commissioner’s motions
326 inmates have been pardoned up to now according to the Commissioner’s motions
Office of Ombudsman
Press-release N 1689-2258/368-10, 06.01.2011 

E. Suleymanova attended ceremony of fulfillment of Pardon Decree
Considering personality, the state of health, family status of inmates, their behavior during serving their punishment and basing on the principle of humanism 92 inmates were pardoned according to the 48th Pardon Decree of the country President dated December 29, 2010.
From her first days of activity, the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Republic of Azerbaijan examined the possibility of pardoning of inmates in the frame of law according to their own or family members appeals. Considering the fact that some of them repent for the offences they committed, have been rehabilitated and don’t threaten the society any more, she sent motions to the Pardoning Commission for pardoning of 81 prisoners after the last pardoning decree, according to article 1.4 of the Constitutional Law on Ombudsman.
Considering the motions of the Ombudsman seven inmates were pardoned according to the last pardon decree. It should be mentioned since the beginning of the activity of Commissioner 326 inmates, including juveniles, women, ill persons, the elderly and journalists have been liberated up to date. 
With regard to the fulfillment of the pardon Decree, Commissioner visited the prisons No. 6, Medical and Correction Institutions of the Penitentiary Service of the Ministry of Justice, met with prisoners.
Ombudsman noted as a result of humanist policy of the state 9 amnesty acts have been adopted and 48 pardon Decrees were signed up to now.
The Commissioner also noted punishment is being liberalized; inmates are treated with more humanism, detention condition, nutrition and the medical services rendered to them are improved.
E. Suleymanova presented the documents on liberation to the pardoned inmates.
Press Service
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