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Tural Abbasli: Conditions in Jail 14 Appalling

2012 June 27 ( Wednesday )  12:29:05

It was a mistake to put protesters of April 2, 2011 in jail, opposition activists Babak Hasanov and Tural Abbasli told Objective TV. 

    Released on June 22, these participants of the April 2 meeting believe the decree of amnesty was a necessary measure by authorities and the actual recognition of their guilt to the public.

    At Jail #14, where they were detained, the condition of the air was unhealthy due to dust from surrounding quarries, choking prisoners and guards alike. Therefore, there is a large number of prisoners with tuberculosis and other lung diseases, said Abbasli.

    Both ex-prisoners said their diet was bad, which is in violation of the regulations. Food was not delivered on time and the plates and utensils were made of aluminum, which led, especially in summer, to food poisoning. Hot tea was also served in plastic cups.  There were no individual dishes so both sick and healthy people shared the same bowls and spoons.

    Barracks are cramped and overcrowded; where each prisoner should have 4 square meters, there are  4 people in this same area , said Abbasli.

    There is a free bath once a week. Paid baths cost 20 kopecks per 10 minutes where three people wash simultaneously.

    Prisoners get shaves and haircuts using the same razor and clipper. So it is not surprising that two AIDS virus carriers were revealed at the jail in recent years. -17D-


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